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At OPMAS, we have dealt with aircraft customs handling for more than two decades. Since the beginning of the EU Single Market in 1992, we have imported and admitted more than 3,000 aircraft, which is the only service we provide; we are not involved in offshore tax structures, tax planning, or yachting. We strictly focus on aircraft importation and admission matters for aircraft owners and operators flying within the EU. Over these last 25 years, we have learned that long-term local presence and know-how are essential for aircraft importation and admission to avoid unpleasant surprises. Our acquired knowledge, expertise, and invaluable approach with the Danish authorities ensure a smooth handling process.

Denmark as a jurisdiction
Denmark has the very best reputation both within the EU and worldwide and is number one on the Transparency List over the least corrupt nations in the world. We are known always to implement all EU directives promptly and 100% by the book without bending any rules in favor of local companies. Denmark is the only EU member state known to facilitate aircraft importation and admission for non-EU operators, where the member state is not considered a tax haven or known for a lax tax policy.

Qualifications and experience
We have extensive legal, aviation, and administrative background. Our founder and CEO, Lasse Rungholm, LL.M., is an aviation legal expert and commercial airline pilot (ATPL, EASA, and FAA) with more than 25 years of experience in these fields. Denmark has been the member state of choice for these procedures for a long time, and our local presence and detailed knowledge of the systems mean that any proposed change in legislation can easily be detected and implemented. We are not strangers setting up shop in a foreign jurisdiction. We know that one of our strongest assets is our extensive local knowledge and long experience working with the Danish authorities.

OPMAS is a seasoned partner in any aviation-related legal or financial matter in connection with importation and admission into the EU – recognized by banks, financing corporations, law firms, and organizations within the aviation industry as one of the absolute market leaders. We cooperate with respected international legal and financial advisors to fine-tune our procedures as well as support them with our rare, practical knowledge and expertise when required for the benefit of our mutual clients.

Prior to the customs handling 
Procedure instructions for incoming flights called CREW INFO are updated monthly and include accurate information and instructions about all the practicalities concerning the first entry into the EU, the entry flight, and the handling in Aarhus (EKAH), Denmark.

All documents and information are treated strictly confidential.

Handling more than one aircraft per week, we deal with the authorities almost daily. We take care of all necessary pre-arrangements prior to the aircraft’s arrival for successful customs handling.

All cases are preceded by written approvals from the Danish Customs and Tax Administration with the specific aircraft identified by serial and registration number.

If required, we can also refer you to well-known international tax advisors if a second opinion about the procedures is needed.

All cases are backed by our own quality system to verify adherence to all procedures.

When in Aarhus, Denmark for the customs handling
We are based locally and will meet, follow, and support all aircraft and crew during the stay in Aarhus (EKAH), Denmark, to ensure that no one is left alone dealing with the Danish authorities.

No core services are handled by a third party. Our staff is available 24/7 during the stay to help with all practicalities and offer any help needed in the city or at the airport.

Coordination of all local airport services at Aarhus, Denmark
Aarhus (EKAH) Denmark is an uncomplicated international airport with unrestricted access. OPMAS has parking spaces 15 and 16 available for our clients. RWY 28/10 is 8,500’ with an ILS in both ends. PPR is not obligatory, and there are no parking restrictions. The airport usually closes at midnight but can be opened anytime upon request.

All normal FBO services are included in our fee: dishwashing, laundry service for onboard linen or napkins, and storage of cool and frozen catering items during the stay.

We only use the best providers in the city and take care of all local services, such as transportation, accommodation, food, catering, etc. OPMAS pays all services to ensure and support a comfortable stay during the customs handling.

We always arrange professional private transportation for crew and passengers to and from the airport. Crew and passengers will be driven to the aircraft door at the ramp for a convenient and smooth arrival and departure.

We also arrange an early hotel check-in and a late check-out to match all needs so that crew and passengers can relax until departure, ensuring that no one must wait at the front desk.

Upon arrival, the crew will receive a welcome folder with practical information about the stay and vouchers to selected cafés and restaurants close to the hotel. These vouchers can be used without restrictions.

The customs process is normally handled in 3-6 hours on a workday. Most aircraft stay overnight.

After the customs handling
Our documentation includes a regular EU-wide recognized official customs form typed in English and stamped by the Danish Customs and Tax Administration.

Thorough instructions on how to handle a customs ramp check and prepare documentation for any audits are provided for each case.

Detailed guidelines about widely known customs issues related to business aviation are published and updated yearly.

We are a full-service provider with no exception and will support you in any situation. You will never walk alone.

Our fee includes everything you will need during the stay in Denmark. Airside fees, fuel, oil, de-icing for the aircraft, or technical assistance are excluded. We take care of transportation, accommodation, food, catering, etc., free of charge, so no additional costs need to be paid for the stay in Denmark. Our fee is a one-time charge with no recurring annual payments, and no extra costs are invoiced if the entry flight is canceled or delayed. We are flexible and will adapt.

We are available daily at the office from 0800 to 2200 CET, including weekends.

Our OPS center is available 24/7 for incoming aircraft.

Our hotline is also available to assist existing customers 24/7 if you have any questions or need help explaining the customs procedures to any customs authority in the EU.

Our management team
CEO, Lasse Rungholm. LL.M. is an aviation expert specializing in EU importation and admission, customs duties related to aircraft and aviation, and all matters regarding EU VAT. He is an experienced lawyer specializing in aviation. Since the establishment of OPMAS in the early 1990s, Lasse has acquired a great deal of expertise in all aviation areas. He is a member of the NBAA and EBAA, has been a panelist at numerous conferences, and is a well-known speaker. Lasse’s published articles include review of court cases and new legislation, some of which can be found on our website. Lastly, Lasse is a professional pilot with EASA and FAA ATPLs with multiengine land and seaplane and helicopter ratings. He is rated on Twin Otters on floats, the L-29, ATR42/72s, and Citation II 550 series, Schweizer S300 and flies them regularly.

Director Frank Hansen graduated from Aarhus School of Business in the late 1980s. Frank handles all administrative matters and personally ensures that all aircraft and corresponding paperwork are handled as efficiently as possible. He has been working with EU importation and admission issues for more than 20 years and has been involved in several EBAA committees. Frank is a master of all importation and admission issues in the aviation world and intensively follows all relevant EU committees as he pursues the correct understanding of various topics in the EU VAT directives and the Union Customs Code. He is a well-known presenter discussing various customs aspects of flying in the EU, focusing on both full importation and Temporary Admission.

The OPMAS Team

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