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General information about Aarhus / EKAH

Aarhus is a city of growth. With a population of more than 300,000, Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest. It is also Denmark’s youngest city at heart, considering the average age of its residents, which is far lower than anywhere else in the country. At the University of Aarhus alone, nearly 35,000 students and 25 educational and research institutions create a wonderful environment for many entrepreneurial and innovative companies within research and development, graphic design, architecture, engineering, computer science, software design, etc. 

However, Aarhus could well be Denmark’s oldest city in practice. Evidence has been found showing a Viking settlement here as early as the 8th century. The Vikings settled by the mouth of the river close to the Cathedral and next to our preferred accommodation, Hotel Royal, near Bispetorv Square. Bispetorv was also the center of the town 1,250 years ago, and in The Viking Museum in the basement of the Nordea Bank, you stand next to the rampart, which the Vikings built around Aarhus in the 10th century.

Aarhus is often called the smallest big city in the world as we have all the same facilities as any big city while sustaining a cozy milieu like a small village, which is why many publishers have been writing about Aarhus in recent years. You find lots of shops, cozy restaurants and cafés, museums, art galleries, etc. We have linked the different articles below if this is of interest to you.

Danish visa and immigration rules for pax and crew
Please ensure all crew and passengers meet the Danish and EU visa and immigration rules. A Danish visa cannot be obtained upon arrival but must be obtained in advance through a Danish embassy. A valid Schengen visa also grants access. Crew members (e.g., pilot, FA, or technician) with a valid crew member license or certificate will not need a visa if they are a part of the crew flying the aircraft both in and out of Denmark/EU. A company-issued crew card will not work as documentation.

SOURCE 1: The Danish Immigration Service
List of countries with a visa requirement and visa-free countries

In this Overview of Travel Documents, Visa Conditions, and Border Crossing Points, you can, e.g., find an overview of foreign nationals exempt from the passport and visa requirements and an overview of approved border crossing points.

Passengers can apply for a Danish/Schengen visa here
A Danish visa normally grants you the right to stay in the entire Schengen region for up to 90 days.

SOURCE 2: The Danish Air Navigation Office
GEN 1.3 Entry, Transit, and Departure of Passengers and Crew
Crew: The description of being visa-exempt for crew members (see page 1, paragraph 7)
Passengers: The list of aliens admitted entry into Denmark without visas or other valid travel documents before entrance (see page 2, section III,1)

Important: Before you start a flight to Denmark, please check with us that you have received the latest version of the CREW INFO with practical information about the ferry flight.

Aarhus Airport (EKAH)
Aarhus Airport is our local airport, located 40 km from the city center.

Billund airport (EKBI)
Billund Airport is a 24/7 open international airport very close to Billund city.

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