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OPMAS Survey Results

Updated November 2023

OPMAS Survey Results – In-depth analysis of specific topics


Traditionally, there have been vast differences in local interpretations of various EU customs regulations. These differences often make it difficult for both EU and non-EU operators to determine right from wrong when flying in the EU. We have therefore commissioned multiple verification surveys to create a snapshot of relevant importation and admission rules.

The surveys show that some EU member states have a somewhat lax practice of very low VAT and customs thresholds or missing implementation, which might be a way to attract business from the other EU member states, nevertheless wrong and illegal. Operators should exercise caution and, if in doubt, always ask for a binding assessment ruling by the local authorities.

No. 9 About the validity of the Supporting Document?

Added 2019 – Updated November 2023
Temporary Admission: is the Supporting Document valid for one EU trip or multiple EU trips within six months?

No. 8 About
multiple stays

Added 2018 – Updated November 2023
Temporary Admission: what is the limit for multiple continuous stays at the same place?

No. 7 About
the period of stay

Added 2018 – Updated November 2023
Temporary Admission: how is the six-month period of stay practically interpreted?

No. 6 About
the declarant

Added April 2018 – Updated November 2023
Temporary Admission: which entity is allowed to be the declarant?

No. 3 About
private use

Added 2017 – Updated November 2023
Aircraft importation in the EU: does the flight pattern or geography and size or type of compensation matter?

No. 1 About
private use

Added 2017 – Updated November 2023
AFull importation: is the term “predominately used for business” accepted by various EU VAT authorities?

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