Brexit countdown! Read this paper to get an overview of the what-ifs

– discussing post-Brexit customs procedures when flying within the EU and the UK post-Brexit!

Updated several times in 2019 and 2020

Brexit countdown – A fresh 2020 update with an overview of the important dates… Read here

The final countdown to Brexit has now started and everyone is trying to figure out what will happen in order to prepare for the post-Brexit years. We don’t know what will happen exactly, but we have written this paper in order to create an overview of the possible scenarios.

This paper will be updated continuously whenever we have any new relevant information, therefore please bookmark this page so it is easy to find again.

This paper is made to address aircraft owners and operators based within EU27, the UK and any EU outsiders. The goal is to describe the post-Brexit consequences and the impact these consequences might have on the customs importation and admission procedures used when flying within the EU and the UK.

We know that we may be walking on thin ice with the risk of being totally wrong, but several aircraft owners and operators have been asking for our opinion on the different Brexit scenarios, so we dare the risk. We will update this paper as soon as we become aware of any changes or when we have any new knowledge of how the situation is developing.

This paper is written as simple and short as possible in order to make this complex matter comprehensible.

The following six Brexit scenarios have been observed as relevant. Some of them are more likely than others, but all six scenarios are still possible. Please, see figure 1.

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