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Supporting Document for an oral customs declaration

The total package
Download the total package (including instruction etc.) published by the EU Commission for the use of the ‘Supporting document (SD) for an oral customs declaration’ when using Temporary Admission.

Download English version
Download other languages | Choose pop-up menu “other languages”
Download file: Annex 1 (Part 3) of 1
The SD is on page 32 in the English version.

The 1-page SD with copy
Just download the 1-page SD as PDF in different languages. The PDF generates a second page named COPY. Both pages must be presented for customs when used.
We have made several ready-to-use PDFs with editable fields.

Download English version
Download German version
Download French version
Download Italian version
Download Spanish version
Download Portuguese version

Please ask us for other language versions

You should preferably prepare the SD in the local language where you plan to have the SD approved/stamped. Anyway, we have never heard that the English language version have ever been rejected.

Use of the Supporting Document?
If the aircraft arrives in Denmark as the first/last stop within the EU, we will gladly take care of the process and ask the Danish customs to stamp the SD for a minimal fee. We will also be glad to prepare the SD with the correct declarant and aircraft data, so that the crew can use the SD themselves and ask local customs at the arriving airport to stamp the SD if the aircraft’s route does not include Denmark. We will not charge anything for this service, but please be aware of the criteria and limitations when using TA and the SD this way.

What must an operator always be ready to document when flying within the EU?

  1. the flight pattern within the EU (use SD and logs OR just logs, etc.)
  2. compliance with the TA regulation; all criteria are met with correct handling of the limitations

How can OPMAS help?
Firstly, we analyse the owner/user/operator scenario to secure compliance with TA regulation and provide guidance for the correct use of TA. Hereafter, we secure the specific set-up and take care of all the supporting customs paperwork. Finally, we give specific instructions to crew and ops on how to fly within the EU.

Important to know
Any aircraft flying into the EU must somehow come under EU customs control either using the TA regulation or full importation, there are no other options. So, if the aircraft is not already fully imported, the aircraft will automatically be considered as flying under the TA regulation. TA can only be used by entities and aircraft owned, operated, registered and based outside the customs territory of the Union.

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