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We can help import your
aircraft to the European Union

We can help import your aircraft to the European Union

We can help import your aircraft to the European Union.

We have assisted hundreds of aircraft owners and operators with the proper importation of their aircraft into the EU. If you have any questions in relation to importation of an aircraft in relation to VAT and duty – call us now. We will consider your particular circumstances at no cost and if we can assist you we will advise you on the most suitable procedure.

We provide a range of services:

  • Importation for corporate owners
  • Importation for AOC holders and charter operators
  • Temporary admission/importation
  • Exportation

Why Denmark for importation?
Aircraft owners outside the EU who fly into and within the EU have experienced problems with issues such as cabotage, because they have not obtained the proper VAT documentation. Most companies based in EU member states have to register for VAT, pay the VAT and reclaim it thus financing the amount for 3-6-12 months or more. Our procedures effectively eliminate the need to pay VAT and duty. As no up-front VAT payment is required there is no need to wait for money to be refunded. We have a longstanding relationship with Customs Authorities which normally ensures overnight processing.

Contact us first regarding your situation – we will advise you on the most appropriate solution.

EU’s 112th VAT directive recasting the 6th VAT directive is a complex set of rules involving all the different EU member states’ national legislation and the single market approach is beneficial to most operators if the rules are applied correctly. Beware – if the importation of an aircraft is handled incorrectly, the aircraft may be impounded.

Watch a short presentation on how to fly in the European Union

If you want to know how to fly inside the European Union (EU) without problems please have a look at this new short video we have produced. 

The video is produced in 2017 and includes the latest changes made by the EU.