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The OPMAS short stories

Get the essence of the two importation alternatives in a short and quick way

After numerous requests, we are proud to introduce simple short stories outlining the two importation alternatives in a short and easy manner.

Full importation is mainly for EU-established entities, grants free circulation for the aircraft and offers a lot of privileges but also a lot of potential liability and includes procedures which continuously must be handled correctly.

Temporary Admission is only for entities established outside the EU and comes with some limitations.
The stories are based on the EU Customs Code (UCC) and various EU working papers and directives. This description is in our opinion the correct interpretation of the newest regulations, but all EU member states have not necessarily implemented everything at present.

The short stories will continuously be updated so you might want to check them on a monthly basis.

Watch a short presentation on how to fly in the European Union


If you want to know how to fly within the European Union (EU) without problems please have a look at this new short video we have produced. 

The video is produced in 2018 and includes the latest changes made by the EU.

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