We have made an updated version of our review regarding importation and admission.

The March 2018 update includes:

  • A quick overview of aircraft importation and admission
  • How to fly in the EU according to the customs regulation
  • The newest EU regulation
  • How to avoid the grey zones
  • How to handle private usage of a corporate aircraft
  • How to choose between Temporary Admission and full importation

The previous versions of the review have been read more than 13,500 times by operators from all over the world. It is our hope that just as many will find the new version as informative.

Many non-EU operators will probably be able to benefit from the Temporary Admission regulation without any help from customs specialists, but we will be glad to help in the more complex cases.

An aircraft using Temporary Admission can be used for any purpose such as private, leisure, entertainment, business/corporate use, and commercial group charters. Our Secure Temporary Admission procedure eliminates all doubt surrounding Temporary Admission.

Full importation is mandatory for EU based operators, but comes with several grey zones such as requirements for correct usage, leasing agreements, private use, etc. Full importation includes a great deal of potential risks and liability without any gain for the typical non-EU operator.


At OPMAS, we have dealt with aircraft customs handling for more than two decades. This is the only service we provide. We are not involved in financing, offshore tax structures, tax planning or yachting etc., but focus strictly on aircraft importation and admission matters.

Please do contact us if you want us to explain your options should you consider flying your aircraft into the EU. Our focus at OPMAS is solely on the EU VAT and duty, importation solutions and the impact on owner and operators. It is all we do.

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